Local Attorneys Offering Local Solutions

At first glance, New York can seem overwhelming - a huge city with millions of people and endless buildings. But look a little closer and you'll see that New York is a collection of communities. Being "local" means more here than it does anywhere else.

Kampessis & Shamoun, PLLC, is a local law firm with a citywide focus. From our office in Brooklyn, NY, we offer real estate and business law services to clients throughout the five boroughs.

We know New York and New Yorkers. For years, our firm has worked with entrepreneurs as they seek to establish and grow their businesses. And through our real estate practice, we have helped countless clients buy homes, sell their homes, obtain a new loan or refinance their mortgage, or secure commercial property for business purposes.

The Secret To Our Success Is Your Success

Kampessis & Shamoun, PLLC, is a small firm, and that's a benefit for our clients. Our attorneys are easily reachable by phone, and we are able to give each client the kind of personal attention that larger firms cannot or do not offer.

Our success is built on a simple principle: We do well when we help our clients do well. Repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals are hallmarks of effective legal representation. We are proud to say that clients often come to us based on recommendations and stay with us based on our results.